Dexana Synchronised Time Solutions

Welcome to Dexana, industry leading specialist providers of synchronised time solutions. We are committed to the professional delivery of time solutions across all Australian industries, universities, schools and hospitals. Our staff pride themselves in providing prompt, personalised and friendly service.

Each of our suppliers are innovative manufacturers having developed products that are unique to them or industry firsts. They are leaders in the design and manufacture of highly accurate time systems. These include:

  • OnTimeTM PoE (Power over Ethernet) clock systems assembled in the USA by Inova Solutions
  • SyncrolineTM Master Clock System designed and assembled in Australia by Krontek
  • DuraTimeTM WiFi 2.4GHz Wireless clock system assembled in the USA by BRG Precision
  • GPS SNTP Timeservers and Network Bell Ringers assembled in Australia by Krontek
  • World Time Zone Clock displays assembled in the USA by BRG Precision

Dexana provide organisations with clocks and systems that they can depend on for synchronised and accurate time.

  • Offices and Factories - PoE Clocks, Syncroline Master Clock Systems & World Time Clock
  • Hospitals - Syncroline Master Clock Systems & Dual Theatre Timers
  • Universities - Wireless Clock Systems
  • Schools - Network School Bell Ringers
  • Security & Utlities - GPS SNTP Timeservers