Krontek signalcontroller
Krontek signalcontroller
Krontek signalcontroller

Automatic School Bell Ringer

Manufacturer: Krontek
Model: KT2010

In many schools the operation of the bells relies on a staff member manually operating a switch each time a school period, lunch or recess bell is required. If there is an automatic bell ringer often it has to be reprogrammed after each power failure.

The Krontek KT2010 Network Signal Controller provides an easy to use automatic solution to the timely and hassle-free ringing of school bells.

  • Easy installation by an electrician. Menu driven programming from a computer on the network
  • Network or stand alone operation
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Adjustment
  • Battery backed memory for set and forget operation
  • Compatible with your existing bells, hooters, sirens, PA system tones or intercom system (with input function)
  • Two outputs to enable different signal types i.e. bells for period times and siren for emergency lock down
  • 100 entries per schedule to allow entry of daily timetable schedules including up to 100 different bell times per day
  • Bell time entries are linked to the day or days on which they are required to operate ensuring that bells do not operate on weekends or holidays
  • Each bell time entry has a customised duration i.e. 0-98 seconds
  • Three schedules enable pre-programming of:
    • Daily timetable schedules
    • Exam schedules
    • Sports day bell times, wet day or hot day bell times
  • Calendar function controls automatic change from one schedule to another and defines holidays
  • Manual override feature
  • Alert or emergency lock down input will automatically operate bells to notify teachers and staff of lock down
  • Output can be configured to operate other equipment i.e. security lighting
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