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Inova ont6ss green
Invoa ont4bk red
Inova ont4bk green
Invoa ont6bk red
Inova ont6bk green
Inova ont6ss red
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OnTime PoE Digital Clocks

Manufacturer: Novanex Solutions
Model: ONT4 & ONT6 Series

The Novanex Solutions (formerly Inova Solutions) range of Power over Ethernet Digital Wall Clocks are the market’s first Power over Ethernet synchronised digital clocks. These devices make practical use of PoE standards to eliminate electrical wiring requirements, simplifying installation, and feature energy efficient designs that reduce total cost of ownership.

Novanex OnTime™ – World’s First Power over Ethernet Digital Clock

Visible at distances of 45 metres or more, Novanex OnTime Power over Ethernet digital clocks offer a simple way to achieve synchronised time throughout a facility.

OnTime digital LED wall clocks plug directly into an Ethernet jack on your local area network. No AC plug is required, so installation is inexpensive and it’s easy to move clocks around. Power is supplied via standard Cat 5 cabling using the IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet standard. It delivers both data and power over one set of wires. When used in conjunction with a UPS it allows PoE devices to operate in power fail conditions. It is the same power source as VoIP(Voice over IP) telephones. Time updates are received automatically over the network, and no specialized software is required – control one or hundreds of clocks with a simple telnet session.

Clock Features
  • 4 or 6 digit red 7-Segment LED display with multiple case/colour options
  • 4-Inch numerals, visible over 45 metres
  • No AC power socket required - plug into a standard Ethernet jack
  • Time Zone Management
  • 24-Hour Time Option
  • Automatic time synchronisation through SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol)
  • Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) compatible with 10/100BaseT Ethernet
  • DHCP or static IP addressable
  • 4-Digit Clock measures - 30cm x 15cm x 5.6cm
  • 6-Digit Clock measures - 44.5cm x 15cm x 5.6cm
  • Mounting options - Surface, Pendant, Cantilever and Flush Inset (for customer supplied cabinet) are available
Models - 4 Digit - Single Sided - Red LED
  • ONT4BK-P Plastic Black
  • ONT4PT-P Plastic Putty
  • ONT4OW-P Plastic Off White
  • ONT4BK Aluminium Black
  • ONT4SS Stainless Steel
  • ONT4FM Flush Mount Black Plastic
  • ONT4BKFMS Flush Mount Black Plastic Stainless Steel Face
Models - 6 Digit
  • ONT6BK Aluminium Black
  • ONT6SS Stainless Steel
  • ONT6FM Flush Mount Black Plastic
  • ONT6BKFMS Flush Mount Black Plastic Stainless Steel Face

ALSO AVAILABLE - Single Sided Green LED & Double Sided Red/Green LED

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