Kt2050 network clock controller
Kt2050 network clock controller
Kt2050 network clock controller

Network Clock Controller

Manufacturer: Krontek
Model: KT2050

The Krontek Network Clock Controller is a precise and reliable method of controlling most types of slave clocks on the market today. Configuration and manual clock control can be done from a computer over the network. The controller derives its time from a network time server which can provide millisecond accuracy. Multiple Controllers can be operated and synchronised across the network doing away with costly dedicated interconnecting cabling and expensive master clocks.

  • Programming over the network
  • Highly accurate SNTP time client
  • Automatic slave clock Daylight Savings Correction
  • Impulse accumulator for power failures
  • 8 Selectable clock correction formats:
    • Sync wired
    • SR2 59th Minute corrective
    • Minute reverse polarity
    • BCD
    • Extended BCD
    • D1/D2 - Bodet tower clock movements
    • Syncroline
    • Alpha
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