Automatic Bell Ringing Systems

The KT2010 Network Signal Controller is a compact, accurate and feature rich solution for ensuring that bells ring automatically and on time. It is ideal for ringing school bells and to signal work start and stop times in a factory or workshop environment. While it is the same product. One set of features support it as an Automatic School Bell Ringer while others are more suited to it as a Factory Bell ringer.

Click below for more information about the KT2010 as it applies to the requirements of these two different applications.

Krontek signalcontroller
KT2010Automatic School Bell Ringer

In many schools the operation of the bells relies on a staff member manually operating a switch each time a school period, lunch or recess bell is required. If there ...

Krontek signalcontroller1
KT2010Network Factory Bell Ringer

Labour remains the largest cost for most businesses. Efficiency in the control and signalling of employee start and stop times is an important component in reducing costs and managing staff....

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