DuraTime 2.4GHz Wireless Clock System

The DuraTime Wireless Clock System provides highly reliable synchronised time, without expensive wiring. Communication between wireless clocks, master clock and other wireless clocks is frequency hopping, spread spectrum radio technology to send time updates to all clocks. This easy to install system is designed for zero system downtime with no single point of failure.

DuraTime Wireless Clock Technology

DuraTime clocks use the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and operate on the 2.4GHz spectrum using channels 25 & 26. These channels are used for technical and scientific uses which mean that they don't overlap with normal Wi-Fi communications. The risk of interference with other systems is further reduced as the data packets used by DuraTime wireless clocks are small and non-streaming. DuraTime wireless clocks are designed not to interfere with properly operating Wi-Fi products.

The use of multi-path communications means that clocks do not rely on being within range of a central master clock. The wireless mesh network architecture means every wireless clock is both receiver and transmitter allowing them to relay the time to other wireless clocks. This is true of analogue and digital wireless clocks.

The Clock System Designed Not to Fail

The DuraTime Wireless Master Clock has two separate master clocks mounted together in a rack mounting compatible assembly. Two master clocks support redundant master clock operation. The master clock has an OCXO crystal oscillator that provides time accuracy to 1 second over 20 years. NTP synchronisation is standard and Wireless GPS is optional. This combined with the multi-path communication designates a system designed not to fail and time you can rely on.

Secondary Devices

The DuraTime Wireless System includes:-

  • LED Digital Clocks - 4-digit & 6-digit - mains powered
  • LCD Digital Clocks - day/date/temp - battery powered
  • Analogue Clocks - AA batteries last 5-7 years
  • Analogue Clocks - available in a 12", 15" & 22" diameter models
  • LifeTime Analogue Clocks - last over 15 years between battery changes
  • Wireless Relay - activates relay for ringing bells
  • Wireless Audio Player/Tone Generator - interfaces with PA system to provide audio alerts
  • Wireless interface to BRG Precision clocks

Features and Benefits

  • Primary and backup master clocks
  • OCXO Oscillator Standard - highly accurate - accuracy to 1 second over 20 years
  • NTP and/or GPS can be used simultaneously
  • Low power 2.4GHz wireless communication
  • Multi-path mesh network technology - all secondary devices receive and re-broadcast time updates
  • Scalable - unlimited expand-ability - coverage of any size campus or building
  • Automatic self-healing network
  • AES 128-bit data encryption
  • Alarm schedule software supports up to 999 alarms
  • Wireless relay & tone generator - remote operation of bells and tones through PA system

Rc440 wireless 4 digit red led clock
RC440 & RC640DuraTime 2.4GHz Wireless Digital LED Wall Clocks

RC440 & RC640 Features:Automatic brightness controlEach clock receives and re-transmits DuraTime updates2.4GHz Direct Sequence, Spread Spectrum TechnologyOperates on the Industrial, Scientific and Medical bandAES 128 bit data encryption for ...

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