Kt160s krontek digital slave clock
Kt160s krontek digital slave clock
Kt160s krontek digital slave clock

Slave Clocks

Manufacturer: Krontek

Dexana has a comprehensive range of products to cater for most time solutions needs. One growing area is the need to manage the upgrade of existing legacy master clock and slave clock systems manufactured by companies such as Simplex, Salient, Lathem, Bodet, Hertz, Cincinnati etc.

Rather than the cost of replacing the whole system at once Dexana can design an upgrade program which keeps your system running by one or more of the following:

  • Replace the existing master clock with a KT3000 Series Master Clock which supports the following output formats:-
    • Krontek Syncroline
    • Minute Impulse - 59th minute correction
    • Minute Impulse - Reverse polarity
    • Minute Impulse - Single polarity
    • Sync Wired - Correction each hour
    • Sync Wired - Correction at 5:57 & 6:57
    • Standard BCD - 50hz
    • Standard BCD - 60hz
    • Extended BCD
    • Alpha - As used by Adaptive Micro Systems
  • Relocate existing working slave clocks to locations to replace faulty clocks that are too expensive to repair. Note: The purchase price of a Syncroline Analog Clock is often less than the repair price of a legacy slave clock and less than a half of the cost of some other replacement clocks.
  • Replace existing slave clocks one area at a time utilising a combination of Network Clock Controllers and the Syncroline series of wall clocks.

This solution protects your existing Master Clock System investment while providing a cost effective latest technology upgrade path.

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