Syncroline Synchronised Clock System

The Syncroline clock system is Australian designed and assembled. It is the clock system installed in leading Australian hospitals, universities, schools, factories and offices. The system can simultaneously include any combination of Syncroline analogue, digital, calendar and dual theatre timer clocks. Accuracy, reliability and the three-year manufacturer's warranty has established the Syncroline Clock System as the leading wired synchronised clock system.

How Syncroline Works

Syncroline is controlled by a Master Clock (KT4000/KT3000) or Network Clock Controller (KT2050) which is connected to the computer network. The time reference in the master clock or clock controller is synchronised to the network NTP time server ensuring accurate time. If connection to the NTP server is lost the system will operate on internal time until the connection is restored. Daylight Savings changes and time corrections are automatically controlled. When combined with GPS SNTP Time Server the Syncroline system has an accuracy of +/- 20mSec.

Syncroline Wall Clocks are a unique design where both power and data is distributed to each clock via a "daisy chained" two core cable. All power and synchronisation signals to the clocks are achieved via a 2-core cable (Fig 8) that is “daisy chained” (loop in – loop out) to each clock. This cable carries both power (24vDC) and data. Syncroline Boosters are located where required to provide the additional capacity to power clocks ensuring that the system is infinitely scale-able.

 This means reduced installation costs due to:

  • No need for power points. Each clock is line powered
  • Low installation cost as cable is daisy chained from one point to another
  • Network Clock Controller can be connected to any point on the network which allows clocks to be in remote areas without the need for long runs of cabling to reach those remote areas

The Syncroline system allows for any combination of:

  • Analogue Wall Clocks
  • Digital HMS Wall Clocks
  • Digital Calendar Wall Clocks
  • Elapsed timer clocks - single or dual hospital theatre timers

Features and benefits of this system include:-

  • Easy installation with set and forget configuration
  • Highly accurate time client
  • Independent operation
  • Automatic clock correction and Daylight Savings adjustment
  • Eliminates re-adjustment of battery clocks, battery replacement and the associated OH&S concerns
  • Uniform and accurate time display throughout your premises

Sl160s syncroline hms digital clock
Syncroline Series Wall Clocks

Syncroline Wall Clocks are a unique design where both power and data is distributed to each clock via a "daisy chained" two core cable. This means reduced installation ...

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