GPS SNTP Network Time Server

Most network based systems require an accurate reference time source. The Krontek GPS SNTP Timeservers provides a compact, affordable and highly accurate time server solution for any NTP compatible devices.

The Krontek GPS SNTP Timeserver is a fully featured, high performance Stratum 1 referenced time server which derives its time from the GPS satellite system. Its accuracy is within a few milliseconds of GPS time which is referenced to the Atomic Clocks maintained by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The KT2000 series Timeservers will provide time according to the SNTP protocol with only three satellites in view.


  • KT2000 GPS SNTP Timeserver - plug pack
  • KT2002 PoE GPS SNTP Timeserver - Power over Ethernet


  • Accurate atomic clock reference
  • GPS referenced Stratum 1 Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)
  • IP setting and satellite interrogation via telnet
  • Full operation within 60 seconds of a warm start
  • Simple installation and adhesive window mount antenna bracket
  • Set and forget operation
  • Synchronises PC's and network enabled Master Clock systems to atomic time
  • Suitable for time synchronisation of CCTV, DVR and Access Control systems


  • Secure networks - reliable timeserver for secure or isolated networks
  • CCTV & DVR - provides time synchronisation and ensures time stamps are accurate and consistent
  • Clocks - can be used to synchronise one or more clocks to Atomic time

Kt2000 gps timeserver
KT2000GPS SNTP Timeserver

KT2000 GPS SNTP TimeserverThe KT2000 is an accurate atomic clock reference timeserver compliant with RFC2030.Details:Compact - dimensions 27mm(H) x 57mm(W) x 85mm(L)Min power requirements 9...

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