POE Clocks - FAQs

What types of network cables can I use with a POE clock?

Ethernet cables from CAT5 on up. So CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A or CAT7.

I am getting a "cannot read config data" error in the Telnet session for my PoE clock

This is a very simple problem to fix. This can be caused when the processors in the clock are unable to effectively communicate with each other and can be caused by a number of one-off occurrences. 

To fix this, you just need to re-initialise the clock by following the process below;

  1. Disconnect the clock from the network cable. This will power down the clock.
  2. Hold down the Display button on the rear of the clock.
  3. Reconnect the network cable and continue to hold down the Display button.
  4. When the firmware revision shows on the clock display, release the button.
  5. The clock will boot but may display the incorrect time.
  6. Telnet into the clock and reset your timezone offset and DST settings.
  7. The clock should now function correctly.