Krontek 240 clock1
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Krontek calclock1
Krontek 240 clock1
Krontek calclock1

Network Digital Wall Clocks

Manufacturer: Krontek
Model: KT160SN & KT160CN

Dexana distributes the Krontek range of Network Digital LED Wall Clocks. These are available in two different display options. The standard HMS (Hours Minutes Seconds) display or the Calendar Time and Date clock. They are available in two connectivity options - network (N) or PoE (P).

The KT160SN/P HMS Digital Wall Clock and the KT160CN/P Digital Calendar Clock operate connected to the computer network. Programming is via a Telnet session with time keeping reference coming from the computer network or a SNTP time server. If connection to the computer network is not desirable then the clocks can be connected directly to the Krontek GPS SNTP Timeserver.

These clocks can also be used in conjunction with KT120 Clock Timer Controller as a count up clock for applications such as a Hospital Theatre Timer.

Clock Features:
  • Selectable Seconds or AM/PM Display
  • Dimensions HMS Digital Clock
    • Hours/Minutes digits - 65mm high
    • Seconds/Month digits - 50mm high
    • Alpha characters - 50/35mm high
    • HMS Enclosure
      • 135mm (H) x 398mm (W)
      • 90mm (D-Top) 78mm (D-Bottom)
    • Calendar Clock Enclosure
      • 215mm (H) x 398mm (W)
      • 90mm (D-Top) 78mm (D-Bottom)
  • Display is legible at over 50 metres
  • Can display "Alert" message - Time and Date clock can also display "Evacuate" message
  • Perpetual Daylight Savings correction (set once and forget)
  • Programmable Time Zone offsets - suitable for World Clock or World Time Display
  • Timer Function Count Down/Count Up - External Timer Option Calendar Digital Clock
Connection Options - Time Keeping Reference:
  • Network TCP/IP - NTP Network Time Server
  • Network TCP/IP - KT2000 GPS SNTP Timeserver - +/- 20mSec
  • KT160SN HMS Digital Wall Clock - Network - 240v plug pack
  • KT160SP HMS Digital Wall Clock - Power over Ethernet
  • KT160CN Calendar Digital Wall Clock - Network - 240v plug pack
  • KT160CP Calendar Digital Wall Clock - Power over Ethernet
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